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Whether your need is for a single device, smart living/ home/ city, your business, Hybrid infrastructure or Enterprise datacenter, we have the product solution that delivers the best - security, unparalleled performance and incredible ease of use.

Internet of Things


GIS Street Management

Today, in our world where reliability coupled with performance is the norm, it leaves no place for any lapse and liability. The rise of putting new technologies to use, especially, the geographic information systems serve to provide governments and general citizens at large with highly accurate resource management tools, literally, bringing technology to the streets. The maintenance of complex networks of streets, roads, flyovers, bridges, highways and national highways can be monitored and optimized for efficiency.

Bus Management Information System

A well designed geospatial information systems can be used to make detailed information on all bus routes, bus stop locations, hours of operation and service frequencies. This represented data may be used to serve both city council management as well as citizens alike.

MIS & ERP Integration

Accurate and efficient location specific data has the power to make the decision making process easier and less risky, which improves profitability and efficacy of collected data. We create our own GIS maps, so developing a geo-referenced management information system, using a company's existing information database is an easy task.

Underground Utility Management

A city comprises of highly complex underground network, used to deliver public service infrastructural facilities. These may include the pipes that carry water, transport sewage, provide natural gas, electricity and many other such amenities. Often, telecommunications lines and other wires, cables too, may be housed underground.

Vehicle Tracking Unit Basic

The Vehicle Mounted Unit Tracker has an in-built GPS receiver and a GSM modem that transmits and receives location and configuration commands. This unit provides Real Time Location of the vehicle and can optionally be set for an update to 30 Seconds. The unit receives Latitude and Longitude information from the satellites and transmits positional information to the Tracking Server.

GIS Maps

GPS systems can present you with information regarding the exact latitudinal and longitudinal location of your vehicle. But to make this information easy to understand and to be use, it needs to be represented on a map along with reference locations like streets, houses, landmarks, etc.

Vehicle Tracking Unit Advanced

The Vehicle Mounted Unit Tracker has an in-built GPS receiver and a GSM modem that transmits and receives location and configuration commands. This unit provides Real Time Location of the vehicle and can optionally be set for an update if required to 02 Seconds within time intervals.

Third Party Integration

The Research & Development (R&D) for the hardware, software and technologies for our products and services is done in-house, so integration with third party is a breeze.


Purpose-built Mobile Devices

The increased interconnections created within the Internet as well as between the Internet and critical infrastructures have made contained communities and organizations vulnerable to undesirable content and malicious cyber-attacks.

Eavesdropping Immunity

The wireless market is experiencing a shift of business activities to mobile services. Organizations are developing complete dependency on mobile devices to perform and consume on-going services – anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Device Management

CommuniTake allows you to deploy central Android devices management for provisioning, tracking configuration, administration, software management and monitoring. CommuniTake delivers smart, simple to set solution that eliminates costly and labor-intensive effort.

Device Repair and Control

CommuniTake delivers on-device application for diagnosis and repair Android devices. The on-device application seamlessly tests and monitors the state of the device and sends diagnostics data to a central database.

Mass Deployments

Mass deployment is a crucial component in secure devices management. Mass deployment is imperative in ensuring seamless operation of the secure devices and gaining operational efficiencies.

Mobile Device Management

CommuniTake’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature set simplifies the way businesses address their mobility challenges.

Mobile Applications Management

Modern Enterprise Mobility Management is as much about managing mobile applications as it is about managing mobile assets. Businesses are facing a chaotic state in which they need to deploy their own applications, manage applications in BYOD programs and control hazardous applications.

BYOD Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a well-established trend in businesses and part of the modern ‘consumerization of IT processes. More and more employees are bringing their devices to work creating new ways of working.

Security & Compliance

Secure mobility is a salient concern of connected organizations. Mobile security should deliver on flexible strategy, across user’s actions and content and for ownership agnostic devices.

Support & Guidance

The new connected organization creates an ever-increasing set of support challenges. The organizational applications alter the user mobile experience. Service providers are reluctant to support these devices.

Service Providers

Networked devices connect industries and enable our lives. In the new connected world, service providers find themselves competing in a complex landscape: on the one hand, customers demand innovations and instrumental applications.


The new connected world is transforming classroom learning. Students are leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices to access abundance of information, to enjoy lessons built in new interactive formats and run dedicated applications that generate added value to studies.


Consumers’ shopping experience is changing. Winning brands and retailers offer a brick-and-mortar store, combined with omnichannel capabilities. Revitalizing the brick-and-mortar store drives the need for unique in- store experiences.


The connected world has created new realties for businesses. Businesses are leveraging mobility to enhance their value to customers. Workers are utilizing their mobile devices as the main tool to deliver on business and organizational tasks.

Multi-Channel Care

The new connected world creates an ever-increasing set of support challenges for service providers. These challenges include: difficulty in controlling or reducing costs; increased support liabilities without the usage rewards due to new value chain and over-the-top services; low agent productivity and patchy knowledge delivery; and inconsistent customer experiences across interaction channels.

Collaborative Care

The proliferation of devices and the increased configuration complexities associated with modern smartphones are putting a burden on service providers. The burden results in greater call volumes and longer call handling times forcing an increase in support requirements and costs.

Customer Service

Mobile devices offer advanced capabilities driving the connected world. This has resulted in several pain points for service providers including, increased support costs, low ARPU due to underutilized devices and costly and demanding device returns.

Service Providers

The wireless market has been flooded with new-generation smartphones. Mobile support operation is now required to handle numerous devices, different operating platforms, multiple networks, varied firmware and a multitude of features.


You are battling over every user in a highly dynamic market. The constant push for better performing and more appealing devices leaves the new device holders frustrated and unable to utilize the device to its utmost.

Apps Developers

You are looking for new ways to measure your apps user behavior, advertise to the right audience and monetize your audience. You learn every aspect of the way audience uses the app and constantly measure the value of acquired users.

Security in a BOX

In today's technology driven world, there are a number of emerging trends that are re-defining the way organisations consume technology. These macro trends include: The adoption of digital services to improve customer engagement, service, experience and retention. The execution of "cloud first" strategies to improve the total cost of ownership of Information Technology. The promotion of a "sharing economy".