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Mobility Suite

No-nonsense Enterprise Mobility


The new connected world is transforming classroom learning. Students are leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices to access abundance of information, to enjoy lessons built in new interactive formats and run dedicated applications that generate added value to studies. Often, governmental institutes provide students with almost free devices to push their learning environment even further. But these organizations wish to verify that their money is well spent.

CommuniTake facilitates just that. With CommuniTake you can centrally manage connected education. You can track all mobile assets, mass deploy policies and settings, silently distribute application, ensure always connected faculty team and student, encourage remote guidance, secure access to resources and enforce compliance with policies in real time. CommuniTake allows you to capitalize on the new mobile learning opportunity, increase IT efficiency and reduce managerial costs. Amplify your connected education investment through better than ever mobility.

Provide smart easy to set education mobility system.Delivers intuitive GUI with smart mechanisms, including one-and-done operation and simple mass deployment.
Offer simple implementation of the education mobility system across faculty staff and students.Enables simplified enrollment and policies definition. Remotely guides users from afar based on remote control technology. Tracks detailed information about eLearning mobile assets.
Allow mass distribution of learning content.Allows smart distribution of files and applications with no need to operate complicated campaigns.
Enable secure access to faculty resources.Delivers secure container for SharePoint docs or appliance driven container for files, email, web apps, calendar and contacts.
Differentiate between learning context use and personal context use.Provides easy to define BYOD setting by ownership, time and on-premises, for easy demarcation between personal use and eLearning use.
Provide faculty staff with means to safely exchange messages.Offers secure messages inside a secure container.
Allow collaboration between students and faculty staff.Enables device sharing between student and faculty staff leveraging remote control technology.
Operate automated compliance with faculty directives and policies.Monitors compliance with faculty policies for applications, use restrictions and configurations.
Offer flexible implementation options.Provides delivery options in the Cloud or On- Premises.