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Total Mobile Security and Productivity

Purpose-built Mobile Devices

The increased interconnections created within the Internet as well as between the Internet and critical infrastructures have made contained communities and organizations vulnerable to undesirable content and malicious cyber-attacks. This is one of the most challenging dimensions of solid closed community integrity. Contained communities tend to use commercial mobile devices managed via a central management system to avoid exposure to sinful content or to eliminate security breaches. However, it is commonly agreed that existing devices, mobile device management tools, and compliance mechanisms are limited and need to be made more efficient to be able to handle the complex real-life scenarios. CommuniTake’s purpose-built mobile device resolves the quest for mobile experience assurance in contained communities. CommuniTake effectively integrates from the very beginning security, privacy, and trust in its purpose-built device.It delivers a trustworthiness factor that facilitates risk-free mobile use within contained communities and secretive organizations.

Why deploy purpose-built devices?

Private and contained mobile enterprise environment

Custom devices built by the unique needs of the organization/community

Fused controls over communications and content

Military-grade encryption and security protocols

Regulation-compliant communication recordings and archiving

Why choose Enterprise Mobility?

Privacy-minded organizations and communities that wish to secure mobile communications, content access, and content exchange, by providing members with contained and managed mobility environment:

  • Government and Homeland Security Organizations
  • Military and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Mission Critical Utilities Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Legal Firms

Purpose-built Mobile Devices

Core Capabilities

Custom-built mobile device

CommuniTake’s purpose-built mobile device is built on trusted hardware, custom security-rich operating system, encrypted instant communications, fused command and control, persistent VPN, performance assurance tools, threat detection, and remote control technology. Communications are performed within a locked down organization network. These modular components allow organizations to structure their own unique solution. CommuniTake can also enhance the solution via custom development by the organization’s requirements.

Private experience

CommuniTake purpose-built device provides two-dimensional privacy: for the device user and for the affiliate community/organization. The device user securely communicates with other device holders and with commercial device holders. The user is exposed to only-allowed content and applications and is restricted to operate the device as defined by the central authority. User’s community operates as a fully contained environment which blocks any attempt to breach its internal and structured order. The purpose-built devices are encapsulated inside a tamper-proof environment which provides defense against unauthorized access, use, and content.

Central reliability

CommuniTake purpose-built device operates inside a central control and intrusion prevention system to effectively define and monitor the state of the confined environment. Built-in control mechanisms impose tight supervision over device use, eliminate cyber threats, prevent consumption of unapproved content, and block unauthorized data sharing. Fused controls enforce use by the directives of the community authorities.

Secure execution platform

Inheriting from the physical world the concept of “barriers”, CommuniTake purpose-built device operates in a highly protected environment. It runs on a trusted cloud or local operational environment. CommuniTake mobile device is based on root of trust and anti-tamper security hardware. Device communications are performed using a lockdown security-supporting network. The mobile operating system is designed according to strict security guidelines, providing enhanced security controls for robust central authority. Fused central governance assures always managed devices and the isolation of applications and content. CommuniTake purpose-built device minimizes the attack surface and the capability to consume and share deviating and sensitive information.

Swift readiness

Purpose-built devices generally take substantial time before being launched to the market, but not for CommuniTake. CommuniTake has streamlined swift and efficient supply-chain process for rapid introduction of purpose-built devices. Organizations and communities with a need for devices serving their members can deliver dedicated devices within a few months from process initiation.