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Mobility Suite

No-nonsense Enterprise Mobility


Consumer's shopping experience is changing. Winning brands and retailers offer a brick-and-mortar store, combined with omnichannel capabilities. Revitalizing the brick-and-mortar store drives the need for unique in- store experiences. In-store advisors are utilizing mobile devices as their inventory information source, as their customer service system and as their payment tool. While embracing the benefits of management via mobile devices, retailers require verifying that mobile devices are properly used in accordance to their business directives.

CommuniTake is helping retailers reap the benefits of the mobile device in a controlled environment. With CommuniTake, you can monitor all mobile assets across your stores, distribute promotional content, distribute applications required for on-going shopping enablement, configure policies and settings, control from afar to ensure always operating devices, and secure access to store chain networks. CommuniTake enforces your retail business imperatives, increases IT efficiency and reduces operating costs associated with managing stores.

Allow easy system implementation and device enrollment.Delivers smart intuitive system with invitation based device's enrollment. Operates simplified one-and-done definitions for device configurations, use restrictions and policies – with no need to work by operating systems silos.
Differentiate operations by store's parameters.Operates by flexible group's definitions and parameters. Policies and mass deployments are delivered by groups.
Verify the presence of on-device content by company directive.Allows mass distribution of files and silent installation of applications.
Ensure store’s employees productivity.Delivers flexible browser control, applications policies, kiosk mode and automated, events-driven compliance enforcement.
Operate retail activities within secure environment.Offers secure access to retail content via standard or appliance driven container
Verify that retail devices are always operational.Delivers on-device app for diagnosis and auto repair, and remote control technology for support from afar.
Allow flexible implementation options.Provides delivery options in the Cloud or On- Premises.