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Total Secured Communications

Mass Deployments

Mass deployment is a crucial component in secure devices management. Mass deployment is imperative in ensuring seamless operation of the secure devices and gaining operational efficiencies. Additionally, mass deployment reduces service costs related to maintenance and software updates.

CommuniTake mass deployments allow you to define device settings, policies and restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction. You can mass deploy based on device type, device group or individual device. Mass deployment components can be deployed automatically to devices upon enrollment, and administrators can mass deploy on-demand over the air.

Using CommuniTake mass deployment capabilities, you can streamline secure Android device performance with minimal outlays.

Keep device software current and reliableEnsures that devices deploy the latest applications and security patches.
Minimize the cost and complexity of software distribution and installationDeploys over the air applications; distributes files across devices; operates automated process of compliancy.
Track real-time status of software deployments Monitors and presents clear snapshots and reports of device's state.