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Device Repair and Control

CommuniTake delivers on-device application for diagnosis and repair Android devices. The on-device application seamlessly tests and monitors the state of the device and sends diagnostics data to a central database. Real-time diagnosis helps to define proactive care activities and preventive maintenance. It improves uptime via proactive fault notification and automated repair.

Furthermore, CommuniTake enables IT professionals to assume complete control over the device from afar and perform care and configuration activities as if the device in the palm of their hands.

Remote control capabilities reduce on-site travel costs and allow fixing problems fast by the best experts with reduced discovery time.

Monitor the health of connected devices Deploys an on-device application that seamlessly diagnoses the device and publishes the results to a central database. Generates detailed snapshots of diagnostic device information.
Maximize device performanceGains actionable insights on possible malfunctions; proactively maintains devices based on device diagnosis; remotely operates device repair by executing automated scripts and modifying data values.
Optimize support metrics Allows complete remote control over devices for support and configuration as if on site.
Gain insights across device's careDisplays tabular and graphical visualizations of device care data including multi-dimensional support metrics.