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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Customer Service

Mobile devices offer advanced capabilities driving the connected world. This has resulted in several pain points for service providers including, increased support costs, low ARPU due to underutilized devices and costly and demanding device returns. At the same time, over-the-top applications and changes in device value chain increase the support liabilities on service providers without the usage rewards. Service providers require a new approach to resolve their support challenges. CommuniTake simplifies your support advisor’s practices with custom automatic resolutions, meaningful device Diagnostics, and streamlined support tools for managing multi-channel support.

CommuniTake Total Care solution provides the right and smart customer service for the unique care needs of service providers.

Offer multiple means for issue resolution.Delivers preemptive support via on-device app, proactive support via device diagnosis database, digital care via friends and family community and efficient care via engagement center remote control.
Allow support anytime and anywhere.Provides on-device application for self- troubleshooting regardless of connectivity.
Provide multiple ways to generate a case. Enables device holders to request help via an on- device application. Help request can involve sending device information or problem description. Request help can address a friend or a support advisor.
Reduce discovery phase duration.Enriches support advisor’s insights by publishing device information, device test results and problem description prior to the support session.
Maximize support efficiencies.Delivers complete remote control and automated resolution flows including, single click navigation to device services, one-click installations, textual how to guidance flows and advanced scripts combining branched flows by support advisor input.
Allow clear insights on support performances.Provides complete replays of the support sessions and detailed analytics of support sessions.