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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Service Providers

The wireless market has been flooded with new-generation smartphones. Mobile support operation is now required to handle numerous devices, different operating platforms, multiple networks, varied firmware and a multitude of features. The support challenge becomes increasingly complicated without the rewards of new services.

You may be missing the necessary competencies to be able to deal with device issues. This results in situations of increased call volumes, lower first call resolution ratio, longer average handling times and higher support costs. The overreliance on technical support teams creates frustrated users who are unable to use their device and service providers that lose out on potential revenues from applications and services.

Device holders need new support. CommuniTake empowers you to provide that support.

CommuniTake Total Care provides multiple tool-sets through which you can face the support challenge. The essence of the approach is to shift as many queries to self-service channels as possible. The new paradigm allows device holders several ways to resolve problems by themselves:

  • On-device application for self-diagnosis and repair;
  • Remote activation of resolution links embedded in a self-service portal;
  • central device diagnostics database generating readiness for proactive care;
  • dropped call events monitoring and geo-mapping for enhancing mobile experience Big Data;
  • self-care between community members leveraging remote takeover;
  • complete remote mobile takeover for support advisors in the engagement center.

CommuniTake Total Care is about shifting from overreliance on support advisors to self-reliance by device holders.

Allow anytime anywhere support.Delivers multiple support channels including an independent on-device repair application that can be operated in any situation.
Strengthen user’s self-reliance.Provides device holders self-service support via an on-device app and via their friends and family community.
Generate reduction in call volumes.Deflects inbound support calls to self-service channels and to outbound calls. Leverages an “open a ticket” feature in the on-device repair app.
Reduce no-fault-found device returns.Allows guided software and hardware tests to track device malfunctions. Activates complete remote control over the device from afar to verify problems.
Improve support metrics.Delivers proven cost reduction results via higher first call resolution, shorter average handling time and less repeat calls. Improved support metrics are driven by a shorter discovery phase, along with complete remote control and automated resolution flows.
Support new devices and services in real time.Provides immediate support for new devices and services including real-time publication of devices and resolutions with no need for system upgrade.
Improve user’s loyalty and satisfaction.Performs personalized support through proactive care and remote access features.
Leverage support for revenue generation.Enables to offer paid premium support and allows cross / up – sell time for support advisors, including single click installation of apps and graphical guidance on target device screen.