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MIS & ERP Integration

Accurate and efficient location specific data has the power to make the decision making process easier and less risky, which improves profitability and efficacy of collected data. We create our own GIS maps, so developing a geo-referenced management information system, using a company's existing information database is an easy task.

GIS Uses

Geospatial information can be an effective management tool

Information databases

Reproducing an organization's information database on a map provides a geo-referenced dimension to business decisions and improves efficiency. It becomes easier to search databases, predict consumer behavior and make strategic business decisions with geo-referenced database information.

Data Analysis

Most companies already collect massive amounts of data on which their businesses depend. When viewed on a GIS map, statistics become easy to interpret and can be used as key tools in decision making.

By FMCG companies

GIS Maps may be used to display retail outlets, display location specific sales figures, analyze consumer behavior and provide geo-specific marketing research information.