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Mobility Suite

No-nonsense Enterprise Mobility

Support & Guidance

The new connected organization creates an ever-increasing set of support challenges. The organizational applications alter the user mobile experience. Service providers are reluctant to support these devices. The support liability is deflected to the organization IT department and added to its on-going tasks. IT new challenges include: difficulty in controlling or reducing support costs; increased support liabilities without rewards; low support advisor productivity and patchy knowledge delivery.

CommuniTake has taken a unique approach to solving these common challenges. CommuniTake empowers device holders to self-troubleshoot device issues. It also provides remote control capabilities for the organizational thus improving support practices. The result is high quality user experiences, improved IT staff productivity and reduced operating cost.

Allow always connected mobile workers.Delivers multiple issue resolution tools including an on-device repair app, community support and remote control over the device from afar.
Improve internal IT staff’s support metrics.Enables IT teams to assume control over the device from afar and provide effective support.
Provide expert guidance anywhere anytime.Allows device holders to invite a colleague for guidance from afar by leveraging remote control technology to share their device.