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Vehicle Tracking Unit

Advanced Tracking

Vehicle Mounted Unit (VMU)

The Vehicle Mounted Unit Tracker has an inbuilt GPS receiver and a GSM modem that transmits and receives location and configuration commands. This unit provides Real Time Location of the vehicle and can optionally be set for an update if required to 02 Seconds within time intervals. The unit receives Latitude and Longitude information from the satellites and transmits position along with various sensor information to the Tracking Server. The client can now view the position and additional information on a Map in Real Time. The user can configure the unit using Over The Air commands and even optimize the transmission to achieve minimum Airtime costs.

Standard Highlight


In-built multi-band GSM modem with GPS receiver.

Location information

Provides its location at user programmed intervals.

Data Transmission

Transmits its location and additional information using either SMS or GPRS service. The sent and received data is compressed and encrypted during transmissions.

Configuration Commands

The unit can be configured using Over The Air Commands (OTA).

Data Compression

Supports SMS/GPRS data compression to support various GSM service providers Tariff plans worldwide. Arm: Sends SMS alert if the vehicle moves from the parked location.

Where are you

Sends SMS to the owner with the current location.


Various reports for Alerts, Daily Movement, Stop, Speed, Distance, Digital status with date and time stamp. Reports are available in MAP, Text and Graphical format. Reports can be downloaded and printed in Excel compatible CSV formats or emailed.


Multiple Users within Organizational Hierarchy can be created.

Computed Odometer reading

Gives Odometer readings based on periodic GPS positions and distance calculated between consecutive positions.

Storage Memory

Stores over 30,000 positions along with additional information in case of loss of GSM coverage.

Input Voltage

Works from 6V DC to 36V DC.


L=110mm B=75mm H=56mm.

Additional Features

Voice Communication

Supports two way voice communications.

Digital Outputs

2 digital output interfaces can be configured to Lock/ Unlock Doors, Immobilize Vehicle, Enable Vehicle Horn/ Siren, Blinkers, AC On/ Off.

Digital Inputs

3 digital inputs can be configured to read digital Odometer pulses for Mileage, Doors status, Trunk & Hood status, Ignition, Panic button.

Configuration Commands Over The Air (OTA)

Transmission Frequency

Dual timing mode support (Movement and Stationary) for SMS and GPRS thus helps in reducing airtime, which in turn reduces costs. Optionally, can also be configured to transmit based on distance covered.

Current Position

Gets the current position of the unit as soon as the command is given.


Supports location transmission of 4-second time intervals and a maximum up to 4 hours.

Voice Numbers

Configuring of an outgoing voice number.


Alerts can be programmed on triggering of INPUTS and sent via email or as an SMS or as a POP UP on the screen.

Digital Output

Various interfaces connected on the digital outputs i.e. immobilize, door locks, AC, etc can be enabled and disabled through commands.

Remote Firmware Upgrade

Allows the unit firmware to be upgraded while it is on the field.