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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Apps Developers

You are looking for new ways to measure your apps user behavior, advertise to the right audience and monetize your audience. You learn every aspect of the way audience uses the app and constantly measure the value of acquired users. However, in your surge for better engagement, retention and monetization, you often neglect the simple and practical support for your audience. What happens when a user looks for help? How can you really help the user to best capitalize on your app value?

CommuniTake can help.

Harness the power of industry-leading mobile remote support. With CommuniTake, you can add remote support library to your application code. You can gain a built-in capability to assume complete control over the device from afar. Remote access allows you to identify how device holders use the application, directly view issues in real-time and engage with your customer. CommuniTake differentiates your application through better customer experience.

Increase app monetization and conversions with remote support by CommuniTake.

Improve app user experience.Provides ability view the device screen from afar and understand how device holders actually use the application.
Increase app utilization and monetization.Differentiates the application via better more timely and easy support.
Improve support for the application.Delivers built-in readiness for remote control enabling easy takeover from afar and providing effective and personalized support.