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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Multi-Channel Care

The new connected world creates an ever-increasing set of support challenges for service providers. These challenges include: difficulty in controlling or reducing costs; increased support liabilities without the usage rewards due to new value chain and over-the-top services; low agent productivity and patchy knowledge delivery; and inconsistent customer experiences across interaction channels.

CommuniTake has taken a unique approach to solving these common challenges. CommuniTake multi-channel care empowers multiple support players and channels to form a cohesive and effective support ecosystem. The result is high quality customer experiences consistently across channels; enhanced self service capabilities; improved productivity; and reduced operating cost.

Provide support across multiple customer touch points.Delivers support via an on-device application, friends and family community, and service provider’s engagement center.
Ensure consistent support experience.Integrates device diagnosis and tests across channels.
Deflect inbound calls to self-service channels.Provides on-device application for seamless diagnosis and repair or on-demand activation of tests and resolutions along with collaborative support by the community.
Provide self-reliance tools to device holders for anywhere and anytime troubleshooting.Allows activation of on-device repair app regardless of connectivity of support advisor availability.
Automated support processes.Embeds automated resolution flows technology in support advisors practices.
Address the rapid proliferation of new devices and new services.Allows real-time support and publication of new devices and automated resolutions.