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GIS Maps

GPS systems can present you with information regarding the exact latitudinal and longitudinal location of your vehicle. But to make this information easy to understand and to be used, it needs to be represented on a map along with reference locations like streets, houses, landmarks, etc.

Uses in various data mining applications

Information databases

Reproducing an organization's information database on a map provides a geo-specific dimension to business decisions and improves efficiency. It becomes easier to search databases, predict consumer behavior and make strategic business decisions with geo-referenced database information.

Data Analysis

Many companies collect massive amounts of information on which their business depend. When viewed on a GIS map, statistics become easy to interpret and can be used as key tools in effective decision making.

Utility and Asset Management

Companies can view and manage their assets e.g. gas pipes, electric cables, trenches, etc. along with detailed and recently updated history i.e. installation, maintenance, repair, etc. for each asset.

Municipal Corporations/ City Council Managements

GIS maps are especially useful to municipal corporations/ city council managements as they have to look after location specific utilities, for e.g. they can view and manage street infrastructure like lamps posts, traffic signals, traffic islands, sewers & drains, flora, garbage collection points, etc.

Bus Transport Companies

These companies need to manage and display data such as bus routes and bus stops along with photographs and accurate bus location.

FMCG companies

GIS Maps may be used to display retail outlets, display location specific sales data, analyze consumer behavior and provide geo-specific marketing research information.