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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Collaborative Care

The proliferation of devices and the increased configuration complexities associated with modern smartphones are putting a burden on service providers. The burden results in greater call volumes and longer call handling times forcing an increase in support requirements and costs. It has become a business imperative for service providers to contain these costs, while providing a competitive customer experience that generates loyalty. Often, service providers do not have the resources at their disposal to resolve customer’s queries, leaving end users struggling to configure their smartphones, applications and services. CommuniTake offers a new way to resolve this challenge.

CommuniTake provides a smart device support that extends service provider’s reach into the community of users. CommuniTake empowers consumers to handle device issues for their friends and family.

A device holder can invite a person from the device’s contacts list to assume complete control over the inviting device from afar. Once approved, the invited friend can remotely configure and set the device.

The inviting user does not have to follow an exhausting support process with the engagement center. No need for awkward explanation process, miscommunication, embarrassment due to low technical understanding and alike. The user can receive help from a familiar tolerant and friendly person.

On the other hand, the community’s technical expert can resolve support issues quickly and effectively without the need to travel to the person in need of help.

Allow device holder off-engagement center help.Enables device holder single click invitation for support from the device’s contacts list.
Provide easy guidance and resolution practices for the invited community member.Delivers the supporting community member complete remote control over the target device, including automated resolution flows and ‘how to’ textual guidance.
Secure the communication between the supporting member and the target device.Requires device holder’s approval for every takeover and encrypts all communications.