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Total Secured Communications System

Device Management

CommuniTake allows you to deploy central Android devices management for provisioning, tracking configuration, administration, software management and monitoring. CommuniTake delivers smart, simple to set solution that eliminates costly and labor-intensive effort. CommuniTake allows you a complete view of secure Android devices, automates over-the-air (OTA) provisioning, tracks devices state and location.

Provide central view of secure devicesDelivers centralized administration and assets deployments and use display across multiple parameters through a dashboard and subject matter views.
Allow geo-tracking of devicesTracks device locations and presents them on a map.
Manage content and use policiesDefines device use restrictions and mandatory and prohibited applications; mass-distributes files; mass-configures settings. Allows few applications controlled via internal applications catalog and all privacy enabled.
Control via automated complianceEnforces business policies compliance via automated event-driven actions.
Perform real-time monitoring of violationsAllows flexible alerts and notification setting including violation type, duration and recipients.
Analyze device state and behaviorDisplays tabular and graphical visualizations of relevant device data including, device information, device compliance with policies, device compliance with configuration, KPIs and more. Reports are generated without any programming assistance.