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BitDefender GravityZone

Security for Mobile

  • Unified security to minimize administrative overhead
  • Number-one-ranked antimalware technology
  • Secures and manages iOS and Android mobile devices

Key Benefits

Unified security to minimize administrative overhead

Bitdefender’s solution is designed to support controlled adoption of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept by enforcing security policies consistently on all users’ devices. As a result, mobile devices are controlled, and sensitive business information on them is protected. The administrative burden is reduced with the always-up-to-date status of compliant and non-compliant devices.

#1-ranked antimalware technology

On-demand antimalware scanning is included for Android devices to ensure they are free of malicious code. Scanning is triggered automatically when a removable storage device is inserted or each time a new application is installed. Scanning detects Android malware and prevents mobile users from distributing infected files to other users inside or outside the organization.

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon

Bitdefender supports BYOD initiatives with centralized security policy management of iPhones, iPads and Android devices with pre-defined actions for non-compliant devices, such as denying access to corporate services, permanently locking the device or even wiping the device in case it has been stolen and rooted.

Enforces simple but effective screen lock and authentication

Mobile device users may find screen lock with authentication disturbing their usage of the mobile phone or tablet, but nobody would question the need for a password on their laptop. Bitdefender makes it simple to apply consistent security policies on all user devices and prevent unwanted access to unattended phones or tablets. Since security cannot be a choice of the end user, centrally managed security policies allow easy enforcement of security features on mobile devices, including screen lock after a number of minutes or complex passwords with a maximum number of failed attempts.

Prevents usage of lost or stolen devices

Bitdefender enhances the existing Apple iOS and Android operating systems with the security features that are most needed and used by enterprises. One of these key features is centralized management of lost or stolen devices to prevent private information from getting into the wrong hands. Sensitive information on mobile devices varies from email communications to patient information and personal photos. Bitdefender prevents usage of lost or stolen mobile devices by remotely locking and locating them to potentially recover both the data and the device itself. If the device cannot be recovered, the information can be simply wiped to minimize the risk of data leakage.

Adapts to security needs of both professional and personal life

Bitdefender takes into account security requirements of mobile devices for both professional and personal life. Equally applicable for both company-owned mobile devices and Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD), it allows users to quickly switch profiles covering connectivity and encryption (VPN) settings based on the services the user needs. Remote administration of the profiles also allows more security policies to be applied, even down to pre-defined web access hours on Android devices.