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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Remote Care

CommuniTake Remote Care empowers support advisors to assume complete control over mobile devices and PCs from afar. Support advisors can provide support as if they are holding the device in their hands regardless of its location. Powered by leading technology – allowing the world’s best market coverage – Remote Care uses an advanced feature- set to provide the right solution for your device issues.

Why choose Remote Care?

Improves support metrics across multiple parameters

Provides quick, actionable fixes via automated resolution scripts

Unifies tests, diagnosis, and automated resolutions in one solution

Integrates device app tests with support session’s discovery

Delivers the best Android market coverage (2.3 onwards)

Amplifies customer and support advisors satisfaction

Who is it good for?

Care providers that are looking to improve care metrics by equipping support advisors with hands-on support capabilities and enriched discovery data as part of a holistic support approach.

Remote Care

Core Capabilities

Two Phased Remote Access

CommuniTake Remote Care contains two remote access modules: (1) remote access: view of device tests, diagnosis and applications; remote activation of resolution scripts; and seamless shift to complete control; (2) remote control: enabling support as if one is holding the device in his hands. Remote control operates both on mobile devices and PCs.

Discovery Data

Remote Care enables viewing software device tests and device diagnostics for better discovery practices while in support sessions. Tests include parameters such as APN, data enablement, network type and more. Diagnostics include parameters such as rooted status, device model, OS and firmware versions, IMEI, IMSI, RSSI and more.

Automated Resolutions

Remote Care empowers one-click resolution macros on the device. These macros can be operated via the remote access module or via the remote control module. Macros include navigation to device services; textual guidance on how to resolve an issue; and advanced scripts combing textual guidance, service activation and contextual branched flow.

Applications and Data Management

Remote Care provides the ability to view installed and running on-device applications and their attributes; start and stop applications; manage on-device data including file view, upload, download, copy, delete and refresh

iOS Support

Remote Care allows support advisors to remotely distribute iOS configuration profiles; view device diagnosis; share images from the camera roll in real time; chat; and run one-click download scripts.

Support Session Enhancements

Remote Care enables support session facilities including: drawing in real time on the target device screen; single-click APN setting; natural language search in the device manual; textual chat; session pause; session auto reconnect after device reboot; device screen capture; and more.