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Mobility Suite

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Machine Care

CommuniTake bespoke Machine Care solution is focused on gaining actionable insights, streamlining maintenance, reducing operating costs and achieving efficiencies and improved machine performance. Machine Care is a remote service solution that offers manufacturers and service providers with the ability to remotely manage, diagnose, control and resolve issues with Android based machines in the field.

Why choose Machine Care?

Minimizes devices’ downtime via proactive and timely care

Optimizes device reliability via OTA software and configurations updates

Reduces service and support costs via automated compliance

Minimizes recalls and onsite travel via remote device control

Gains proactive care notifications and recommendations

Maintains holistic view of KPIS, assets inventory and policies compliance

Who is it good for?

Businesses and manufacturers that are looking for central management of their Android based machines with assets management, mass deployments and robust care leveraging complete remote control capabilities.

Machine Care

Core Capabilities

Machines Management

CommuniTake provides quick visibility of the connected machines. It provides a central, customizable console through which fast access is available to the most important information for them.

Device Diagnosis and Tracking

CommuniTake deploys an on-device application that tests the device and performs auto repair actions to optimize its function. The application transmits critical diagnosis on the device status and its connectivity. Diagnosis can be activated seamlessly or via an on-demand request for data.

Proactive Maintenance

CommuniTake improves device maintenance via continuous monitoring. It monitors and collects failure data by parameters and locations and provides alerts and indications towards proactive care actions.

Mass OTA Configuration

CommuniTake supports over the air configuration for updating device configuration. Over the air commands can define access points, methods of data transfer, locate machine, lock machine, sync machine, wipe machine data, and install applications.

Remote Machine Repair

CommuniTake enables IT staff to remotely control a machine and provide an effective hands-on maintenance as if they are holding the machine in their hands, regardless of its actual location.


CommuniTake collects and accumulates the diagnosis and the data which is generated by the machine to a central database. Advanced reports and queries provide comprehensive analytics that explores actionable insights and Key Performance Indicators.