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Total Mobile Security and Productivity


IntactSecurity is an on-device application that keeps mobile users safe. It seamlessly monitors mobile device’s content and settings and recommends the user on corrective measures to enhance mobile security.

Why choose IntactSecurity?

Improved security posture across the organization

Reduced cyber-attack surface

Security-first approach for mobile use

Who is it good for?

Security-minded organizations that wish to improve the security level of mobile devices and reduce malicious attack risks by narrowing the attack surface.

Intact Security

Core Capabilities

Connectivity Tests

IntactSecurity runs connectivity tests to ensure safe connection to Wi-Fi networks and cellular towers. The software tests include a connection to a secured Wi-Fi network and to 3G and above network. These tests ensure that networks do not jeopardize your privacy by allowing easy Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Service Tests

IntactSecurity provisions device settings such as “USB Debug” and “Unknown Sources”. It alerts on misconfigured services that allow attack vectors.

Access Tests

IntactSecurity validates that your device is protected via active password. Locking the device with a password is important to keep the device safe from unauthorized physical access.

IntactPhone Monitoring

IntactSecurity monitors your device compliance with Intact Mobile Security platform. It validates the latest IntactCC version, device use policies status, disk encryption, connection time, Kernel integrity, IntactOS version, and more. Device compliance eliminates the attack surface in your device.

Fix Initiation

IntactSecurity provides you with textual best practices on how to best secure your device and single click navigation to configuration screens for easy and swift adjustments towards high-grade mobile security.