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Total Mobile Security and Productivity


IntactDialog provides encrypted calls and messages on IntactPhone Android and iPhone devices. It protects your calls and messages with high-grade encryption.

Why choose IntactDialog?

Secure voice calls, messaging and attachments

Military-grade encryption and security protocols

Always-safe user side via end-to-end or midway encryption

Central management console with simple and intuitive interface

Regulation-compliant recording and archiving

Who is it good for?

Security-minded organizations that wish to secure their mobile voice calls, messaging, and content exchange, by providing employees with trusted high-grade mobile communication encryption.

Intact Dialog

Core Capabilities

Encrypted Calls

Communicate securely with your contacts anywhere in the world with crystal clear voice over IP audio. The latest ZRTP encryption technologies ensure that no eavesdropping or hacking is possible on your calls with others.

Semi-secure calls

Call anytime and anywhere across the globe to mobile and landline phones on your network. Your leg of the call is always protected, even when talking with a contact that does not have the IntactDialog app, keeping you safe from local eavesdropping threats.

Encrypted Messages

Exchange completely secure messages. Share in real-time private information without concern about interception threats. Ensure safe communication and group chat within a contained environment. Perform end-to-end encrypted messaging based on AES256 message encryption with 256-bit key length, and RSA 2048. Avoid untrusted commercial instant messaging apps without compromise.

Image Transfer and Attachments

Transfer confidential documents, and sensitive images with high-grade end-to-end encryption. Define sharing policies ensuring they do not end up in the wrong hands.

Bi-directional Message Burn

Choose when your messages get deleted on both ends. Purge information not only from your device but from all your recipients’ devices too. Once wiped, it leaves no trail that communication ever existed

Anonymous Phonebook Centrally Controlled

Use a built-in phonebook to maintain a secret identity. Define flexible contacts’ exposure policies across organizational groups. Avoid hooks into personal contact lists ensuring complete control over communications in your organization.

Intuitive Management Console

Manage users and devices via a user-friendly, web-based console from anywhere in the world. Provision secure communications use statistics. Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your administrator credentials. Remotely locate and lock the device and wipe messages and content when the device is stolen or lost.

Communications Recordings & Archiving

Gain the flexibility to activate recordings and archiving across your organization’s communications. Ensure compliance with regulations as your industry dictates.

Device Agnostic. Flexible deployment

Deploy IntactDialog on IntactPhone and any Android and iOS device. Secure communications with flexible deployment to fit your organization’s requirements. Utilize hosted environment or privately deployed environment on your own infrastructure. On-premises installation enables you locked internal network for your organization.

FIPS & Common Criteria (CC) compliance

IntactDialog adheres to strict guidelines such as FIPS and Common Criteria for implementing cryptographic software. By this, it meets international guidelines for information security products suited for governmental deployments.