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Mobility Suite

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In-store Care

Mobile device retailers are required to show the devices and provide hands-on experience as part the purchasing experience. CommuniTake In-store Care facilitates the in-store device shopping experience while providing maintenance features for reinventing traditional in-store experiences: (1) provides a controlled experience of the device; (2) leverages the contextual in-store use of the mobile device to reach prospects with highly targeted content and campaigns; (3) tracks shopping behavior and trends that will eventually be used to guide the direction of future marketing efforts. CommuniTake In-store Care can drive your retail success.

Why choose In-store Care?

Reduces cost and improves operational efficiencies

Increases sales by delivering timely targeted offerings (coming soon)

Unifies controlled purchase experience

Performs dynamic mass content distribution

Automates periodic content resets from afar

Monitors mobile experience during the hands-on shopping phase (coming soon)

Who is it good for?

Communication service providers that are looking for :

  • Simplify in-store devices maintenance via remote access technology.
  • Increase retail sales by gaining insights on prospects’ shopping experience.

In-Store Care

Core Capabilities

Device Management

CommuniTake allows viewing and managing all the in-store devices, the device attributes, and the device connectivity to the network and content. It defines device settings over the air and enforces compliance to the business’ mobile policies.

Management by Stores

CommuniTake facilitates flexible management of devices and content by multiple store parameters such as location and type. Device configuration and content can vary by the store characteristics.

Content Management

CommuniTake enables managing the on-device content including: wall paper; applications; and files. The system distributes the content over the air and refreshes the device content at specific time intervals.

Applications Management

CommuniTake provides the ability to manage the presence of on-device applications. It defines blacklist, whitelist and allowed only applications, ensuring similar mobile experience across devices and consumers.

Marketing Automation

CommuniTake allows sending timely, contextual messages to consumers via the in-store devices. Marketing messages and offerings can be driven by device type; store; time; and date. (Coming soon).

Experience Monitoring

CommuniTake delivers in-store experience monitoring by the use of the device. The in-store shopping experience includes which devices were examined; which features were examined; exploration time and duration and more. (Coming soon).

Diagnosis and Repair

CommuniTake allows seamless tests of the devices and activates auto repair actions to optimize device use everywhere and anytime.

Remote Control

CommuniTake enables IT staff to remotely control a device and perform efficient and effective settings as if they are holding the device in their hands, regardless of its actual location.