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Mobility Suite

No-nonsense Enterprise Mobility and advanced support

Enterprise Mobility

The CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility is a comprehensive solution for managing the mobile business imperatives. CommuniTake’s Enterprise Mobility goes beyond assets and policies management functions into the realm of Total Mobility, which is a powerful combination of device and applications management, highly secure communication, collaboration, automated issue resolution and remote device control.

Why choose Enterprise Mobility?

Deploys device management via a smart, affordable and easy to set solution

Defines policies via one-and-done definitions – not by operating systems silos

Performs dynamic mass distribution and avoids complicated campaigns

Locks down devices for generating higher focus on work tasks

Integrates device takeover to allow always connected professionals

Highly secure communication and content

Who is it good for?

Businesses that are looking to gain more control over their mobile assets and generate improved productivity through seamless mobility. Businesses that prefer a smart and easy to manage mobility system, at an affordable cost.

Device Care

Core Capabilities

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility enables administrators to view and manage all the business related devices, the device attributes, the device users and the device connectivity to the enterprise network and content. Administrators can define device settings over the air and enforce compliance to organizational mobile policies.

Applications Management

CommuniTake defines prohibited on-device applications, mandatory on-device applications and the enterprise application catalog. It defines prohibited applications via blacklisting or more restrictive allowed only apps mode. The system performs dynamic mass distribution of new and updated applications and tracks and monitors compliance to the application policies.

Security Management

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility allows setting flexible password policies; control the access to business resources; control browser use; and restricting mobile device services. It performs data recovery actions from afar: locates the device; activates the device alarm; locks the device; wipes on-device data completely or selectively; backups and restores data.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

CommuniTake supports all models of device ownership. The system differentiates the use of applications, web browser and mobile services, based on the device time and location. It protects users’ privacy by limiting the data collection from privately owned devices.


CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility secures the access to business data and instant messages while maintaining the native user experience. Messages are visible only to enrolled and properly managed devices. The solution applies two data access deployment options: (1) view only of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 files; (2) secure access to the business email server, SharePoint files, contacts, web applications and calendar while allowing files editing and saving inside the secure container.

Usage Control

CommuniTake monitors in near real-time the mobile usage levels of calls, messages and data – both for local and roaming use. It sends alerts on exceeded usage and eliminates bill shock resulting from careless usage.

Support & Collaboration

CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility enables IT staff to remotely control a device and provide efficient and effective support as if they are holding the device in their hands, regardless of its actual location. Mobile workers can share their device with others for guidance and consultation, turning every worker in the field into an expert. CommuniTake provides device holders with an on-device application that seamlessly tests the device and performs auto repair actions to optimize use everywhere and anytime.