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Care Suite

Multi-channel support for mobile devices

Device Care

Device Care is an intelligent on-device application for issues diagnosis and auto repair, addressing well-known device problems. Leveraging quick, actionable insights and fixes to the most common device problems, the device holder can troubleshoot these problems anytime, anywhere, regardless of device connectivity or support advisor availability. Device Care can run seamlessly in the background or be activated manually to fix problems. It can perform data backup and publish diagnosis results and problem description to external business systems to speed up the discovery phase and enable proactive care.

Why choose Device Care?

Reduces support outlays by eliminating top causes for inbound support calls

Decreases support load by shifting support calls to self-service channels

Improves user satisfaction and loyalty while containing costs

Enables anytime anywhere support for always connected users

Mitigates the risk of data loss by backing up imperative device data

Who is it good for?

Organizations that are looking to reduce operating support costs and to gain important mobile experience insights, by empowering device holders to self-troubleshoot issues as part of a holistic support approach.

Device Care

Core Capabilities

Software tests

Device Care allows running software tests to ensure accurate use of the device. The software tests include well-known issues such as, APN settings; wrong flight / silent mode; battery health issues; high CPU /memory / data usage levels; no data enablement and more. These tests can run seamlessly in the background or be activated manually.

Hardware tests

Device Care enables the device holder to manually operate hardware tests including, camera; flash; vibration; proximity sensor; GPS; physical buttons; display, touchscreen; loudspeaker and more.

Community Support

Device Care enables device holders to ask their community members for assistance. Device holders can select one of their contacts and request the contact to assume control over their device in a bid to provide remote device configuration, device issue resolution or in general guidance.

Dropped calls monitoring

Device Care can monitor dropped call events and locate them on a map. Dropped call events map provides important insights on the true mobile experience and can direct proactive care actions.

Device diagnosis

Device Care provides device information data such as device model; firmware version; device IMEI; rooted status; ringtone profile; RSSI; neighboring cells and more. Device diagnosis data is presented to the device holder and can be published to external support systems to improve support practices.

Backup data

Device Care enables single-click backup of contacts (Android and iOS) and messages (Android). Data is kept in the cloud and can be restored in one click, even between devices of different mobile operating systems.

Case initiation

Device care enables device holders to initiate a case from their device. The case is initiated while sending device diagnosis and problem description thus turning inbound support calls to more cost-effective outbound calls.