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Focus on growing your business in the public cloud. Let the experts handle security and stay compliant without hassle! Download a free trial now and experience first-hand the top-rated protection for AWS

Security for Amazon Web Services

Bitdefender Security for AWS is a security solution designed for the Amazon cloud infrastructure and integrated with the GravityZone Cloud Console. Bitdefender Security for AWS is built for virtualization, offers flexible pricing, and scales to your size and needs for optimal return on investment.

Key Features

Hosted scanning services

Scanning is offloaded to Amazon-hosted security servers for each protected cloud machine

Best protection

cloud security from the best-rated security vendor in independent tests

Pay-as-you-grow licensing

Lightweight security footprint

Highly optimized scanning technologies

Friendly, easy-to-use integrated management console

Key Benefits

Improves performance through minimal resource use and offloaded scanning processes

Scales instantly

add as many instances as you need any time with just a few clicks

Reduces administrative effort

easily manage your instances from an easy-to-use cloud console

Scans quickly as it focuses only on the part of the program that might contain malicious code

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Security in the Cloud is a joint effort. Amazon Web Services manages security of the cloud, while security in the cloud is the customer’s responsibility. Bitdefender helps you be compliant in the shared responsibility model and build your customers’ trust.